Guaranteed to improve speed and vertical – This is our primary program, no matter what sport you play!

  • 12 Treadmill and 6-12 Ground Based sessions is what you need to do to improve your SPEED.
  • Pre and Post testing in Vertical Jump, broad jump, Pro Agility, and incline sprinting duration.
  • Join our record boards for the CHEETAH CLUB, Vertical, Broad, and shuttle.
  • Choose from: Incline Running Treadmill, Skating Treadmill and ground based agility/C2 resistance band workouts
  • Includes a basic C2 set for “home workouts”, yours to keep.

Schedule 2-3 Workouts/Week for 8 Consecutive Weeks. That’s 16-24 workouts

Flexible Scheduling:

  • Train Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday as your 2 main days.
  • If you can add an additional day great but 16 sessions is the minimum you should complete to notice gains.


Payment Options: Choose from payment in full, or 2 equal monthly payments.