Megan Iverson is a former Hudson softball and volleyball player who is now St Croix Acceleration’s new speed and strength coach. Megan is offering private and small group hitting instruction this winter season to athletes 7yrs old and up. Megan will also be utilizing Acceleration’s hitting harness and resistance cords during her lessons. These cords attach to the athletes’ hips and either resist or assist hip rotation helping athletes feel where power is generated. Please contact Megan directly to schedule these lessons. See pricing table below.

Individual Athletes Use the Button Below, Groups Call (715) 808-8253

1 on 1 Sessions

# of SessionsTypeRate/HourTotal
1 Session1 on 1$100/Hour$100
5 Sessions1 on 1$90/Hour$425
10 Sessions1 on 1$80/Hour$800

2 on 1 Sessions

# of SessionsTypeRate/HourTotal
1 Session2 on 1$100/Hour$100/Athlete
6 Sessions2 on 1$80/Hour$480/Athlete

3 on 1 Sessions – Small Group

# of SessionsTypeRate/HourTotal
5 Session3 on 1$195/Hour$39/Athlete
10 Sessions3 on 1$360/Hour$36/Athlete
20 Sessions3 on 1$650/Hour$32.50/Athlete

Any athlete participating in Megan’s hitting clinic will get 15% off any speed package.

All Groups Call: (715) 808-8253

OPEN TO PLAYERS 7 YRS OF AGE OR OLDER! Call us with ANY questions or concerns you may have.