Just as Acceleration Sports Training is the world’s premier provider of scientifically based athletic performance enhancement training programs, we also aim to be a dedicated network of licensed facilities that continues to provide the best athletic training in the world.

If you share our passionate dedication to enhance the physical performance of athletes of all ages, interests and levels, check out the employment opportunities around Minnesota waiting for you! Were looking for good people like you! Listed below are current job openings we are looking to fill.


Internship Description: Interns will gain experience with all Acceleration training techniques. Hands-on learning will take place in the following areas: Speed Training sessions on the Super treadmill; Hockey training sessions on the patented Skating Treadmill; Plyometric sessions (including footwork, speed, strength, and power type); Strength Training Sessions; Stickhandling and Shooting skill specific sessions; and Skill specific sessions for other various sports. Once an intern is competent and comfortable in the above areas, they will lead athletes through training sessions. Interns will adjust protocol according to skill, ability, and conditioning. Interns will also be responsible for charting notes for each athlete they work with. A minimal amount of office and cleaning duties are also involved in the internship.

Qualifications: Prefer a student who has completed a minimum of at least 3 years collegiate studies, with a major in one of the following fields: Kinesiology, Health Fitness, Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, or Biomechanics. Helpful coursework would include anatomy and physiology, motor learning, health science, etc. Applicants should be energetic, enthusiastic, and posses excellent interpersonal skills. Knowledge of sprint mechanics; skating mechanics; agility and resistance training techniques a plus. Experience working with athletes at any level also a plus.

Availability: Internships are from June 1st through August 31st.

Work requirements:
 Determined by credit requirements.

Contact information: To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and 3 references to:
Curt Carbaugh, Arden Hills – curt@accelerationnorth.com